The Egyptian/Atlantean Crypt

The copper Crypt is a one-of-a-kind experimental device based on ancient symmetry. It’s full scope is unknown however we’re aware it amplifies, magnifies and grounds the energy body of participants in a variety of unique ways.

The Great pyramids of Egypt align to the Stars of Orion’s belt, the Nile to the Milky Way, a cosmic map. Notable channelers refer to the granite crypt as an astral projection tool.

September 13th 2023 – 15 day Nile cruise, Our home is the Darakum , with private sessions inside the last remaining Atlantean structures; the Great pyramid + granite crypt & the Osirion, we will be visiting numerous pyramids & temples from Cairo to Aswan. further details to come.

Zazzan reflects the perfect symmetry of rhythm in the 3 seamless states of creation: Energy, Vibration & Matter.